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Welcome to Withypitts Dahlias®

October 14th 2018

We are now closed for cut flowers, thank you to all that have visited us this season.

July 25th 2018

The Dahlia Farm is now open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday until the end of the flowering season.

June 9th 2018

The Dahlia Farm and offices are now closed, re-opening Monday June 25th 2018.

January 20th 2017

The online shop is, we believe, working again. However, should you have any difficulties with the online shop please send an email with details of your order requirements. Please include your name, address and a telephone number, we will process your order in due course.

December 20th

We wish all our Dahlia Friends a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our offices are closed from Thursday December 21st until Tuesday January 3rd 2017. Email will be monitored so please email with any questions or queries,

December 3rd 2016

Our offices are closed from December 3rd until December 16th. Should you have any difficulties with the online shop please send an email with details of your order requirements. Please include your name and address, we will process your order when the offices re-open.

July 9th 2016

New this season. Hand Tied Bouquets available from the Dahlia Farm.

May 16th 2016

Orders for plants will be dispatched beginning this week through the next 3 weeks. Those orders to be collected will be ready for collection from Saturday May 20 th

April 15th 2016

Our online shop is now closed for orders. However, it will re-open in mid-May for those varieties of which we have additional stocks.

January 2016

Surplus field grown tubers are now on sale in the online shop, follow the Buy Here tab.

November 23rd

We are making a limited number of field grown tubers available for a four day "DIG YOUR OWN" event from Wednesday 25th November to Saturday 28th November open from 10 until 4. Download full details

October 13th 2015

The weather has now caused us to close the cut flower shop. However, not all varieties are finished, if you do have a requirement please contact us, preferably by email, and we can discuss what we could possibly supply.

October 3rd 2015

Our new online shop is now open to place orders for plants in 2016. It is brand new, there may be some hiccups although we hope not and that the shopping experience is an improvement on the past. If you do encounter a problem please email with the details and we will resolve the issue as soon as we can. Click on "Buy Now" above and you will be transferred to another of our websites supporting the shop. In due course we will integrate here.

September 23rd 2015

Practical Propagation Workshop - details in the online shop February 26th and February 27th 2016

August 7th 2015

The nursery is now open for cut flower sales. For details see panel on the left.

March 2nd 2015

All tubers now sold out.

January 14th 2015


December 11th 2014

Practical Propagation Workshop . We have a limited number of places remaining,

December 1st 2014

Practical Propagation Workshop - details here: HERE January 27th and February 10th 2015
To Book your place Book my place on How to Propagate Dahlias

October 23rd

We are making a limited number of field grown tubers available for a two day "DIG YOUR OWN" event on Friday 31st October and Saturday 1st November open from 10 until 4. Please email for full details and availability.

October 17th

Article in Country Life September 10 edition.

September 13th2014

So nice to meet so many Dahlia Friends old and new. We are so glad you enjoyed your visit, we certainly enjoyed speaking with you all.

September 8th 2014

Open Day this Saturday September 13th 10 until 5.

September 4th 2014

Practical Propagation Workshop - details on the blog or download HERE January 27th and February 10th 2015

July 17th 2014

Our newTrade Buyer cut flower web site Cut Flower Dahlias is now up and running.

June 3rd

Liss Horticultural Society meeting. Looking forward to talking to you about dahlias!

May 26th

Crowborough Horticultural Society spoke at their meeting, what a very nice society and group of people! Thank you.

Worth Horticultural Society Spring Show

Saturday March 29th at The Haven in Crawley Down 1 o' clock until 5 o' clock.

January 16th

Practical Propagation Workshop - details on the blog

January 8th

Tubers selling out fast!

January 2nd 2014

We have surplus field grown tubers for sale . We need the space so priced to clear! NOW SOLD OUT

November 22nd2013

New photos have been added to our site in new Galleries.
We are privileged to have been visited by renowned garden and plant photographer Clive Nichols this summer, ably assisted by creative designer Jacky Hobbs, and have created the Clive Nichols gallery to showcase the images resulting from his work with us.

September 7th 2013

For trade sales of rooted cuttings Click Here

July 15th 2013

We are holding two Open Days again this year. Dates for your diary, Saturday August 31st and Saturday September 14th.

June 5th 2013

All dahlias are now sold. Thank you to all our customers for their support this season.

February 28th 2013

Our online shop is now closed.

Spring is on the way,

well, according to the calendar anyway, and we are well into taking cuttings. As we all probably know we have experienced the wettest summer, autumn and winter for many years. With late autumn frosts tubers may not have been lifted until well into November, this may cause problems with rotting which we, to a limited extent, have experienced. If you also lifted late and have had very cold weather we would urge you all to check the tubers you may have stored and pay close attention to plant hygiene, If you have left them in the ground over winter may we suggest carefully digging down to inspect them especially if you live in an area prone to poorly draining ground.

January 16th 2013

The online shop will remain open until February 28th 2013

December 1st 2012

Printed Catalalogue - Due to production and mailing costs, we are no longer printing a colour catalogue. However, a downloadable catalogue - in popular PDF format - is available listing all our available dahlias for 2013.

October 22nd 2012

Our 2012 cut flower season has now ended. Many thanks to all of our customers both through the markets we supply and those across the country to whom we send our blooms.

October 10th 2012

As part of our 2012 planting plan we set out a bed of Collerettes and singles to attract bees and butterflies. We are very pleased with the outcome as the blooms have been smothered with bees and there have been a considerable number of butterflies as well. We encourage you to plant these single and Collerette types to further host bees and butterflies in your own garden!

August 21st 2012

During the flowering season we are open to visitors between 10:00 -12:30 and 2:00 - 4:00 and at other times by arrangement. If you are passing you are welcome to drop in, we are normally on-site but may not be.

May 15th 2012

Our order book is now closed for 2012. All orders placed for collection are ready for collection at your convenience. Please email or phone first. c

April 23rd 2012

As a result of adverse weather during February and March delaying early growth, and our unexpected move, we are running about 10 days behind schedule at the moment. We expect to catch up in the next 2 weeks.

March 1st 2012

We are now preparing to move to our new nursery where we will be able to expand the business for the foreseeable future. We remain in Turners Hill about 1 mile distance from our last year's location.

August 19th 2011

Alagar of New Covent Garden Flower Market are delighted to announce that they can now offer exquisite British-grown cut dahlias from Withypitts Dahlias. See the link on the "Cut Flower" page.